APN - Mr. Boughali hosting the President of the CNRST: Soliciting skills

The President of the National People's Assembly (APN), Ibrahim Boughali, received, on Thursday in Algiers, the President of the National Council for Scientific Research and Technology (CNRST), Mohamed Tahar Abadlia, said an APN press release. 

On this occasion, Mr. Boughali expressed "the interest he attaches to these meetings and to the cooperation between bodies and institutions, capable of strengthening joint action in the service of the legislative aspect in particular". For his part, the president of the CNRST and the accompanying delegation expressed "their availability for cooperation with the APN, while providing scientific assistance to draw inspiration from it, particularly with regard to the field competences of the APN". Mr. Boughali was accompanied by his two vice-presidents, Hani Ahcene and Omari Abdellah, as well as the presidents of two parliamentary groups, Ahmed Seddouk of the MSP and M'hamed Touil of the RND, concludes the source.