The CNRST a synergy of skills for sustainable development: Through its multidisciplinary component from different backgrounds (largest national companies, research and development centers, universities, agencies), the CNRST constitutes a promising constellation of national capacities representing 43 different public institutions. The contribution of our community based abroad and of CEO from national companies is the essential complement to think out of the box and will foster the dynamics necessary for a fruitful research-industry partnership. This strategy, to be put in place will require the effective commitment of all women and men of good will. Welcome.

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Algeria-Germany: exploring opportunities in public research policy and STI cooperation


On Wednesday, September 13 th, 2023, Professor Abadlia Mohamed Taher, President of the National Council for Scientific Research and Technologies, received Her Excellency, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Algeria, Mrs. Elizabeth Wolbers.... Read more

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CNRST' Assembly

Second General Assembly of the National Council for Scientific Research and Technologies (CNRST)

21st - 22nd of January 2023
Second Assembly

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Engaging diaspora in socioeconomic and technological development

The President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune appreciated the recommendation made by the CNRST in order to create real synergies with our community living abroad for the socio-economic and technological development of the country. The legal committee set up for this purpose produced a first version of the document which defines the tasks and missions of the taskforce as well as the office responsible for monitoring. This decree is expected to be published at the end of August. A secretariat in charge of the preparations of the conference scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023 will meet soon, to assign tasks related to the organization of this important event. Over 268 members of our overseas community contributed to the identification of partnership areas where they can make an effective contribution. The five continents are represented, with Europe in the lead, certainly because of the proximity. The areas identified are in line with national priorities. Digital is largely in the lead, especially emerging technologies. A good place goes to food safety, energy efficiency and health. The social and human sciences are omnipresent. We will come back with more details at the end of the coordination meeting scheduled in the following days.

Annual report of the CNRST to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the R&D in Algeria

The annual CNRST’s report, which has been submitted to the President of the Republic is the culmination of an intense year of work by members of the CNRST, the different commissions, and external experts. We hope that it will meet the objectives and expectations of the public authorities in order to consider the implementation of the proposed recommendations. This report, produced in two languages, pleads for a paradigm shift in research management to specifically target technological development and innovative practices to strengthen the link between research institutions and the socio-economic sector. The report takes stock of research since 1973 and uncompromisingly identifies the weak points of the national research system and its governance, while welcoming certain achievements, in particular in training, research infrastructures and human resources. It also offers reflections on the long-term challenges and the priority areas that will need to be developed in order to diversify our economy. This 70-page report is accompanied by a booklet, also in two languages, which highlights 9 main recommendations. As indicated by the law governing the CNRST, this summary report will be the bases for the elaboration of the yearly plan of the foor commissions composing the CNRST. It will be also subject to numerous communications and conferences once approved by the highest authorities.

CNRST : building a responsible research and innovation system

The objective of the National Council for Scientific Research and Technologies shall be to advice on any question relating to the definition of the national policy for scientific research and technological development, its implementation, its evaluation, as well as the promotion of the results of scientific research and technological development activities, which is submitted by the President of the Republic, the Government and public institutions. The CNRST is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the national policy for scientific research and technological development, its choices and its impact, as well as ensuring the development of mechanisms for supervising their implementation

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The missions of the CNRST as defined in article 207 of the National Constitution and in the law n° 20-01 of March 30, 2020, consists, under the supervision of the Prime Minister, in setting up a national research strategy aimed at solving the problems encountered by the country by relying on the scientific community and the socio-economic infrastructures.