The CNRST a synergy of skills for sustainable development: Through its multidisciplinary component from different backgrounds (largest national companies, research and development centers, universities, agencies), the CNRST constitutes a promising constellation of national capacities representing 43 different public institutions. The contribution of our community based abroad and of CEO from national companies is the essential complement to think out of the box and will foster the dynamics necessary for a fruitful research-industry partnership. This strategy, to be put in place will require the effective commitment of all women and men of good will. Welcome.

Visit of the Minister of Digitization and Statistics, Mr. Hocine Cherhabil, to the CNRST

During this exchange and information visit, the Minister expressed his desire to accelerate digital transformation in Algeria. This objective is included in the Government's Action Plan, as part of the modernization of governance.... Read more

CNRST' Assembly

Second General Assembly of the National Council for Scientific Research and Technologies (CNRST)

21st - 22nd of January 2023
Second Assembly


BUREAU and setting-up the four commissions

After a general orientation speech delivered by President Prof. M.T Abadlia, and the adoption of the agenda, the members elected the two vice-presidents by secret ballot, in particular Mrs. Amina Guellour R&D company BIOpharm and Mr. Amor Bouhadjar (Director of Research in Thermal Physics, Renewable energies, CDER) . The next step was the adoption of the internal rules of procedure (Réglement Intérieur) and the definition of the  four commissions. According to a well-controlled chronology,  the "Reglement intérieur" was adopted   and  the commissions identified. The day after, members joined their choosed commission, elected their presidents and finalized a provisional roadmap.

The commissions were very active to finalize their roadmap. Virtual and face-to-face meetings will be scheduled in the coming weeks to assess progress.

CNRST : building a responsible research and innovation system

The objective of the National Council for Scientific Research and Technologies shall be to advice on any question relating to the definition of the national policy for scientific research and technological development, its implementation, its evaluation, as well as the promotion of the results of scientific research and technological development activities, which is submitted by the President of the Republic, the Government and public institutions. The CNRST is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the national policy for scientific research and technological development, its choices and its impact, as well as ensuring the development of mechanisms for supervising their implementation

Speech of The President

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