Mellouk Abdelhamid



Innovation and its promotion, the setting up of research & development (R&D) and teaching policies, both in academic and collaborative frameworks, around new technologies, with their concretization through the implementation of sectors structured, educational or industrial, have been at the center of my activities over the past 30 years. Member of several learned societies, having held various management or leadership positions, I had in this capacity to chair several international or national technical committees. This was also accompanied by expert missions as well as the participation in many Councils with public or private institutions where I was entrusted with several responsibilities of presidency and/or animation on the regional, national levels. or international. Another part of my activities relates to the evaluation of applications for funding and/or scientific work where I have been part of several national or international juries as an expert evaluator for the examination of applications for project funding. collaborative – industrial and academic – research or the incubation of young innovative companies. On a completely different level, my interest in the synergy of relations between Science and Society and in the transmission of Knowledge led me to lead various actions of citizen interest.
On the academic level, beyond my activities as a lecturer that I have had in more than 70 countries where I have been invited to give scientific conferences on my fields of specialty as well as my editorial activities that I carry out in parallel in being a member of several editorial boards of leading scientific journals, my work focuses on the contribution of bio-inspired neural techniques in the adaptive control of dynamic systems with high variability, telecommunication systems and networks as well as high value applications. added, such as those related to connected health, cybersecurity, mass data management or system interoperability. This work led me to propose a new concept, now very widespread among service operators, consisting in the definition of new application-oriented metrics, since gathered under the term "Quality of Experience", with a new vision centered on the use and not only on the technical parameters embedded in the system.