Hamadouche Rachid


Email: r.hamadouche@cnrst.dz

University Professor and researcher at the University of Algiers-2- and Associate Professor at the National School of Administration (E.N.A), in addition to my teaching and coaching activities, my areas of interest relate to the issue of the social link in Algeria (the production and construction of the social link), socialization, youth and identity construction. I have published several books and articles nationally and internationally in the three languages ​​Arabic, French and English, including an article ranked among the best in the Arab world; which deals with the question of the social bond and the sociology of daily life My latest publications at Editions l'Harmattan (Paris, France) on methodology and epistemology as well as identity construction, finally the cultural competition of intellectual elites and a collective work on the covid 19 pandemic, published in 2021. Latest books and publications