SONATRACH signs a cooperation agreement with the CNRST

The cooperation agreement between the Sonatrach Group and the National Council for Scientific Research and Technology (CNRST) was signed by Professor Mokhtar Sellami, Director at the CNRST and Mr. Azzedine Djouabri, Secretary General of Sonatrach in February 2023.

This convention aims according to Mr. Hakkar, CEO of Sonatrach, the promotion of applied research and innovation to respond to multiple issues, such as the processing of seismic data, the modeling of reservoirs, the production, the exploitation, the transport of hydrocarbons, refining, as well as petrochemicals, but also renewable energies, including hydrogen and biofuels. This will involve setting up research and training programs to improve understanding of systems in the context of energy transition and global climate change.

For the Minister of Energy, Mr. Arkab, "the national research system, with all its components, needs an economic and social partner to strengthen scientific research and implement academic studies. The agreement allows Sonatrach to rely on a national research system to develop its production, its equipment, its structures and improve its services".

The president of the CNRST, Mohamed Tahar Abadlia, considered that the two parties have good human capacities to be mobilized to create an invironment for consultation and collaboration "allowing Sonatrach to invest in the cutting-edge fields of scientific research and innovation". Building a knowledge-based economy "inevitably" involves research capable of proposing innovative solutions that generate economic progress and social well-being, he said.