Visit of the Minister of Digitization and Statistics, Mr. Hocine Cherhabil, to the CNRST

During this exchange and information visit, the Minister expressed his desire to accelerate digital transformation in Algeria. This objective is included in the Government's Action Plan, as part of the modernization of governance, he announced that a roadmap has been developed and broken down into 4 major axes. "The first axis consists of continuing efforts to prepare an environment conducive to the success of digital transformation on the regulatory, organizational, technological and financial levels", "The second axis is "e-governance", the improvement of public service through the digitization of the administration. The third axis: establish an ecosystem favorable to the development of digital technology. Finally, the fourth axis, which is very important, is to work for digital citizenship and a digital culture”. Some sectors have already made good progress and many actions have been taken to digitize the administration. Despite these advances, the Minister mentioned that it is necessary to carry out collaborative actions, common platforms and data exchange. We are obliged to move towards the national public-private partnership (PPP) to ensure sovereignty in the digital domain, by hosting our data internally. As for the executives of the CNRST, they explained that the essential missions of the Council are to support public policies, particularly in the digital sector, the spearhead of economic development.