There exists an authentic paradigm shift regarding the involvement of our national community established abroad, and in its role to stimulate Algeria’s economic development, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ten ministries, under the supervision of the president of the republic's adviser and the Director of the National Community Abroad (Ministry of Foreign Office), are presently working and committed to define a legal and operational framework to engage our elites, and to encourage their participations to the economic growth and to the overall social development and wellbeing of our citizens and nation. A first version of the document is expected to be delivered by the end of May 2023. Overall coordination of this important work is ensured by the Ministry of Foreign Office and the National Council for Scientific Research and Technologies (CNRST).  

The platform of objectives, expectations and facilitations was developed based on proposals from more than 140 members consulted by the CNRST.

These contributions aim to identify gaps and needs, and are still being received to the present day, as a part of an ongoing work in progress.

In that vein we are looking to identify and reach out qualified abroad community clusters and contact points that will allow the covering of the main business, industrial, cultural and economic domains and sectors that constitute the present framework of our national vision and prioritized action plan. A conference chaired by the President of the Republic is planned for 23rd-24th December 2023 (subject to change). The detailed program and event guidelines will be provided most certainly in July 2023.

We are focusing on a pragmatic approach with gradual but rapid implementation, with guarantees and a well oriented framework to insure its sustainability and chance of success, to meet the ambitious expectations of our country to join the club of top emerging and growing economies (BRICS).

Main components of our action plan are, but not limited to:

1°) Develop an approach to encourage regular visits and implications of  experts (Teachers and researchers, well-established and recognized professionals in the fields of SHS, Science and Engineering/Tech,) for short-time periods , in order to help us meet training needs and/or to closely advise Algerian universities, institutions and various research institutes. The financial allowance for travel accommodation will be granted by a governing body that is still to be identified. Payment will be made in Algerian dinars, and in foreign currency in case of industrial partners, in order to properly motivate, compensate and reinforce the interest of the Algerian community of world class researchers and experts living abroad. To invest in their country of origin.

2°) Algerian universities should be fully authorized to hire part-time Algerian professors living abroad. Each individual's contract will be negotiated with the host institution.

3°) An administrative body should be created at level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to facilitate the mobility of experts and their accommodation. These experts will intervene at the level of public institutions and economic companies/start-ups, in order to promote and boost competitiveness and product diversification through industrial and technological processes, innovation and transfer. Local institutions in Algeria will cover all costs, with financial allowances to be negotiated. The exact amounts will be agreed upon with the relevant authorities and governing bodies.

4°) Creation of a legislative framework for a gradual return of qualified people, talent and world-class experts who wish to do so, according to a schedule that can be spread over five years, for example. The framework will allow program managers to propose and establish gradual repatriation plans by setting up favorable new work environments (at university or company level, for example). Professionals, experts and researchers could, in this context work part-time at 20% until their final reestablishment in Algeria.

5°) Prioritizing the development of innovative start-ups and spin-offs in Algeria to promote economic growth and competitiveness. These companies have the potential not only to contribute to the national economy, but also to compete globally. To support this effort, the government would take steps to provide these businesses with the necessary resources, knowledge and experience to succeed. This includes access to cutting-edge technology parks, research centers and business incubators, but also, provision of financial support and funding facilitation with the implication of banking institutions and other investment mechanisms. With the right support, these start-ups and spin-offs (filiales) can have the potential to truly drive economic growth and restructuring, create jobs, and contribute to the development of a robust, diversified and innovative economy in Algeria.

6°) Algerian universities are encouraged to organize winter and/or summer international university programs for Algerian scientists, experts and researchers living abroad to network, participate in lively workshops, provide specialized training and engage in science and research activity and programs. Furthermore, it will encourage those selected Algerian professionals to get exposed to the research needs and concrete challenges that their country face.

Many other proposals are presently on the way to be summarized. These collaborations will be based on peer-to-peer work between Algerians living abroad and Algerians based locally. That is to say that this roadmap is open to enrichment, and that both researchers and practitioners living in Algeria or abroad are invited to propose ideas and inputs for the greater benefit of our common cause and nation.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.