Conducting research in priority areas

Food security, health security, energy security

Research and innovation are a powerful engine in the process of creating high value-added activities, in the diversification of the economy and in the competitiveness of businesses. The Algerian economy, which is largely dependent on the export of natural resources and fossil fuels, is still facing many challenges in the creation of innovative companies, the employability of graduates and the promotion of research results. The shift towards an economy more focused on technological innovation requires the deployment of talents, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, as well as the emergence of an adequate ecosystem fo... Read more

Emerging technologies

Strategy for research in artificial intelligence launched

Algeria has announced its first national strategy for research and innovation in artificial intelligence (AI), aimed at building a society of innovation and a generation of digitally skilled citizens. The strategy aims to “improve Algerian skills in AI through education, training and research and to strengthen these capacities as a tool for development.

Professor Mokhtar Sellami, the director in charge of science, technology and innovation at the National Council for Scientific Research and Technologies told University World News that the AI strat... Read more

Infrastructures for digitalisation

Supercomputing at the service of development

supercomputing is a strategic tool for competitiveness for States and companies, and an essential instrument for research

Needs related to modelling, simulation and intensive computing in fields as complex as those of silting up and the fight against desertification, the understanding of complex systems related to the invasion of desert locusts, climate change, renewable energies, biotechnology, health, mining exploration, and the prevention of major risks, require significant means of data storage and calculations. .

Supercomputing, combined with te... Read more